In January 2009 I went on a birding holiday in Peru organised by Steve Sanchez.
Over a period of 19 days we travelled to many of the interesting birding sites in Peru including Paracas, Salinas Lagoon in the Andes and the Explorer’s Inn in the Tampobatta Wildlife Reserve, in the Amazon. This obviously delivered some fantastic birding including the seabirds at Paracas to the Macaws at the clay lick in the Amazon. Not to mention the high altitude birding at Salanis Lagoon in the Andes. Throughout, Steve was a most enjoyable guide and companion with detailed knowledge of the fauna of Peru.
Steve organised all the transport and accommodation and everything went without a hitch - all flights and ground transport were flawless leaving maximum time for birding. In particular, I was very impressed with Steve’s contacts around the country and his undoubted skill at arranging an itinerary to suit most birders’ requirements. I would strongly recommend Steve to anyone contemplating a birding trip to Peru.

Colin Rogers, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia.


 “On this trip, I decided to try and visit a decent cross-section of most of the habitat types that are easily accessible in Southern Peru. Also, since my mastery of the Spanish language is non-existant, I hired a local bird guide, Steve Sanchez, to take care of all the travel arrangements and help me to find my main target species…”
“…I'd like to thank…Steve Sanchez for making the whole trip such a pleasurable experience (and spotting a couple of typos in the report).”

Raymond Wilson

I have 20 days traveling through the area southeast of Peru, the Tour has been designed especially to meet my expectations because I was interested in photographing certain birds as Cock of the Rock, Inka Tern, Diademed Plover, etc… and some mammals.
As a highlight I would say between Cusco and Manu National Park where I photographed 13 species of hummingbirds and a Solitary Eagle. Another place of note is the Ballestas Islands where the largest concentration of seabirds, and the Macaw Clay Lick in Tambopata.
I thank Steve Sanchez for organizing the tour as it has been really good and for the dedication and knowledge of birds and places that I could photograph the birds that I was interested…

Victoria Castro

Perú es un país de una gran biodiversidad en todos los órdenes que cada año incorpora nuevas especies con nuevos descubrimientos fascinantes. Mi experiencia con PeruBirdingExpeditions fue altamente satisfactoria mostrando precisión en la organización y buen conocedores del terreno que pisan, lo que dió como resultado a observación de especies de aves tanto espectaculares como clásicas. Especial recuerdo tengo de la selva de altura sus tucanets, gallitos, quetzales como de Paracas con todo el elenco de aves marinas.
Os animo a disfrutarlo.

Andrés Requejo de las Heras

In the year 2011 I had for the first time the opportunity to contact Steve Sanchez Calle for a photographic trip to Peru. Whenever possible I try to get independent native guides and not big European or American companies, for that reason I choose Peru Birding Expeditions, Steve's own company, where this peruvian born acts both as owner, manager and senior guide.
The first trip covered the southern part of Peru, where we covered both the cloud rainforest beginning from Cuzco and the lowland rainforest along the Madre de Dios river.
I soon appreciated the fact that Steve is not only a remarkable bird expert as he identifies 99 percent of the species native to Peru on a first glimpse, but on the same way an enthusiastic wildlife photographer, this fact makes it very easy to him understanding the needs and desires of birders and photographers as well.
Encouraged by the excellent photographic material I brought home from this first trip, Steve and I didn't take long planning our next trip, this time in 2012 to northern Peru, beginning at the coast and moving inland through the different climatic, botanic and zoological areas which Peru has to offer, we finished at the huge amazon river. Again the knowledge, expertise and familiarity of Steve with his homeland made this trip a success. Travelling with Steve Sanchez allowed me not only to concentrate fully on my photography without having to worry about any issues beside that, but it allowed me also to enjoy his company and many interesting conversations after a hardworking photographic day.
I would just recommend Peru Birding Expeditions with Steve Sanchez Calle for its responsible and expert management of the trips I have been able to enjoy, for this year 2013 a new project is being prepared: Costa Rica, again with Steve And Peru Birding Expeditions!

Joan Egert.

Mi mujer y yo estuvimos de viaje etno-ornitológico con Perú BirdingExpeditions en mayo de 2011, como viaje de novios. Solo le dije a Steve Sánchez “queremos conocer la cultura del país, pero sobre todo su fauna, centrándonos en particular en las aves” y nos preparó el que hasta ahora ha sido el mejor viaje de nuestra vida. Conocimos los hitos más importantes de la cultura Inca, su gastronomía, pero lo mejor de todo fueron los 7 días de pajareo intenso en el Parque Nacional del Manu, en plena Selva Amazónica, en los mejores Lodges, donde Steve y Víctor nos iban localizando todas las aves, incluso las más esquivas.
Todo milimétricamente coordinado, regresamos muy satisfechos con la experiencia y con la promesa de regresar en cuanto podamos. Guía en exclusiva para nosotros y a un precio más que competitivo (algo también a destacar).

Jesús Diez Castro.


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