Peru Birding Expeditions is a team that organizes birding and photography trips in Peru and other countries of South America since 8 years a go. Our tours are in accordance with the laws of responsible and sustainable tourism, trying to interfere as least as possible in the environments that we visit and in the animal species we observe. We also support the rights and dignity of indigenous peoples.

We are fully committed to conservation; the members of Peru Birding Expeditions belong to this group of nature lovers who spend part of his life to observing birds and other fauna, documenting and working on knowledge and respect for nature.

Our work policy is based on, not make exaggerated promises about the chances of seeing some species, we do not pretend to guarantee impossible numbers for check-list because we believe that this perversion of the commercial attitude is a way to play with expectations and hopes of people.

Who we are:

Steve Sánchez:

(Peru, 1976) is the main guide, founder and manager of Peru Birding Expeditions is a bird guide with many years of experience and nature photographer. He has spent much of his life in the Andes and the in the Amazon of southern Peru. He is working with groups of birdwatchers, naturalists and photographers from around the world ten years ago, in this moment, he leads most of the tours, but he is highly sought as a bird and photography guide, for that reason his trips are reserved many months before.

Salvador Solé:

(Spain, 1965) Is an active member of SEO/ BirdLife since 2002, resident in Barcelona he is a passionate traveler with fifteen years experience in ornithology and over thirty as a nature photographer. He has traveled most of Peru in search of birds and now works as an agent of Peru Birding Expeditions in Spain.


Víctor Gallegos:

(Peru, 1975) Is our driver on most tours. He knows our routes and the good places for bird watching and nature observe. He is bird guide in training and active member in our tours.

They also work in collaboration with Peru Birding Expeditions, other bird guides, drivers,
boatmen and cooks with years of experience and proven ability in this type of travel.

Pasaje Amistad B-5, Villa Estudiantes Calca-Cusco
Tlf: 0051-84-984786929 / 0051-84-984683254

E-mail: perubirdingexpeditions@gmail.com
Msn: illapaperu@hotmail.com

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